Deborah Cox lands safely in US after SAA flight mishap


R&B singer Deborah Cox has landed safely in Washington, USA after suffering a mishap in a South African Airways (SAA) flight on Monday.

The songstress along with other passengers headed for the United States of America had an emergency landing after fire was detected in the cockpit.

The award-winning songstress was in Ghana for the first-ever Ghana Music World Festival.

In an interview with Joy News, she explained fifteen minutes into the flight, she and others heard the pilot shout “smoke in the cockpit” and called for the landing.

“The flight had already been delayed. They then told us that there was damage done to the door and they needed to investigate. The pilot after an hour told everybody that they were going to go ahead and fly, fifteen minutes into the flight the chaos started,” she stated.

Deborah Cox told Joy News’ Emefa Dzradosi that her problem was after all the passengers had been through, the airline still failed to communicate anything to them.

“This is a real low note for me after ending the music festival on such high note,” she bemoaned

Another passenger onboard stated that although he was scared for his life he felt the pilot knew what he was doing and could land them safely.

He, however, said that he was waiting for a mail or text message from the airline to explain the mishap.

After getting to the US, the singer tweeted that apart from the emergency landing she enjoyed herself at the Ghana World Music Festival.

Watch the interview below: