Lumber dealers appeal for support


Chief Executive Officer of Vision 2050 Forestry (VF), a non-governmental organisation (NGO), Mr. Abdulai Omaru Sulley, has expressed his disgust over obstacles being put on their way by officials of the Forestry Commission and other law enforcement agencies when conveying timber lumbers to markets.

“Why is it that those of us who are legally doing our work are not being allowed to process our logs and sell them? Why should there be so many impediments. This must stop.”

According to him, lumber dealers have constantly been harassed and their truck loads of certified lumber impounded by security officers when transporting them to the various markets.

He indicated that the posture of the forestry officials cans d drive away potential private investors from investing the forestry sector.

“It takes us two days to transport logs from our plantations at Kajebi to our sawmill at Nsawam. If this is the situation in our country, which private investor will want to put his money in such an industry,” he quizzed?

His anger followed the seizure of his truckload of lumber by officials of the Forestry Commission at Nsawam with the reason that he did not acquire the Domestic Lumber Inspection Certificate, which allows him to ply the road from source to market.

Mr. Sulley said, “if you look at the situation critically, people who are harvesting from the natural forests can transfer their logs without any problem, while those doing it legally are rather suffering”.

According to him, the Vision 2050 Forestry had invested US$120million to grow 200 million trees nationwide and will like to thin-out 5% from each plantation in the community every year.

He noted that the company had also engaged 300,000 farm managers in 850 communities across the country to oversee its planted trees.

In the past 20 years, funding of the projects had been privately sourced.

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