Myma Writes……Woman! Don’t Quit Yet!

    Jemima Ansong

    Growing up as the only girl among seven boys did not spare petty arguments between my immediate elder brother and I, as we always argued about what I felt I was being cheated on. My first role model has been my mother, the only woman I lived with while growing.

    My engagements with other women came about mainly through visitation by relatives, education and social gatherings.

    The Idea of who a woman was and should be was largely influenced by my mum. I saw everything as perfect until I was matured enough to understand what existed home and beyond.

    Every woman has her own story to share, if yours has been all rosy, you share with Joy but if yours has been challenging, you might not want to open up the bad side.

    With today marking International Women’s Day, I choose to write about women.

    International Women’s Day is celebrated on the 8th of March every year. This day celebrates the social, economic and political achievements of women across the world. The day also focuses on unity, equality and support especially in a place where the differences and injustices between women and men are as great as ever.

    Ghana’s theme for this year’s celebration is: #Women Too – Press to Progress as Game Changers.

    A very intriguing and inspiring theme, I must acknowledge.

    My purpose for penning this piece is not necessarily to honour women who are at the peak of their lives, neither is it to bluntly urge women to fight for equality in every sphere of their lives. These would obviously dominate the media space today. Rather, I have decided to reach out to women who are down in heart; who probably would not even see any value in themselves as this day is being marked simply because they feel lost as far as PROGRESS is concerned.

    It is natutral to sit in retrospection, thinking of how you wish you were in a better position than where you are currently. You might have even set optimistic goals and yet failed to achieve them. You might have probably been hurt by people you trusted the most that all you want is to vanish into thin air. You wake up each morning with a saddened heart because things just don’t seem to be working in your favour. It is as if you are the only woman destined to fall.

    Dust yourself Woman, if you find yourself in such situations. You cannot give up! You simply cannot accept your current situation! Let’s just say, yes you messed up in the past. You fell several times. You missed your way along the line. Yes all that happened to you but and so what?……

    The more you drown yourself in needless thoughts, you set your own destiny in flames. Stop worrying about the situation. Worrying only leads to depression, ebbs away your strength and keep you down. Our creator, Yehowah admonishes worrying, by saying it would not add an hour to ones life. So why worry? And never ever pity yourself, for you can never progress if you do.

    There is something inside you Woman. You are very powerful. The seed of Power resides in you. The difference is ACKNOWLEDGING your power, DEVELOPING it and UTILIZING it.

    Remember you can never go back to the past and change anything, but you can start now and end well. Start dreaming again, start living again. You would be amazed how fulfilling your tomorrow would be if you start now.

    Professionally, a lot of women out there, seem to have an idea of what they want to become but fail to take the nececcasry steps to get there. Once you are able to identify what exactly you want, you must make a lot of sacrifices if you want to get there. You cannot claim to want to be an expert in a field when you don’t make time to develop yourself in that area. It would not happen by magic. Don’t just lollygag and pray only when you find yourself in difficult situations. WOMAN!!! Work out your progress as you PRAY always.

    Make realistic preparations on how to realize your dream, and be staunchly committed to it.

    I am challenging every woman out there, who feels down like I have equally felt, to embark on an exercise from today. Let us give ourselves a one year duration to go all out and embark on Personal Development. We are our own Progress, no other person would do it for you, not your mother, sister, husband or child.

    Let us practice self-development assiduously and burry laziness between now 8th March 2018 to 8th March 2019, and you would see tremendous difference if you stay the course.

    You are the main driver to the destination you want to get.

    Admire those women at the top but never try to be a second copy of them because you are uniquely you. Learn a lot from them but be YOU.

    So Woman, Press for Personal Progress, you have what it takes, you have the Power, Use It.

    Ghana needs you. Africa needs you. The World needs you.


    Jemima Ansong