Groupe Nduom Bounces from the Ashes

GN Bank North Ridge

By Frank Owusu-Ofori

Source: GN Corporate Affairs/Ghana

The recent fire that swept a section of the Coconut Grove Regency Hotel in Accra on Saturday, April 22nd 2017 did not only caused the Groupe only financial and emotional damage, but also tested the mental and physical strength of our Groupe leaders.

That strength was largely induced by faith and hope that with God’s guidance and grace, the Groupe shall come out of the challenge successfully. And indeed we did with gusto!

Groupe owners- Dr. and Mrs. Nduom were bolstered by same faith to deal with what seemed a hopeless situation. They immediately instituted disaster recovery procedures that ensured that affected companies and their staff were back into business two days- Monday April 24th 2017, after the disaster.

Gold Coast North Ridge

On the day itself, other Groupe company managers and workers showed similar glimpses of Groupe Nduom bravery, oneness, camaraderie and a sense of being one another’s keeper.  It’s was also a period to re-live what our Groupe President, Dr. Papa Kwesi Nduom has always insisted that leadership show up in times of crises.

Today, customer-confidence in affected companies and by extension the entire Groupe is further boosted. This is because our customers, especially doing business with affected GN Bank and Gold Coast branches lost none of their deposits. Ironically, these companies are rather winning new customers because they showed no sign of wavering in the face of all odds; but rather worked hard to resume operations in no time.

The companies included North Ridge branch of GN Bank, North Ridge branch of Gold Coast Fund Management, GN Corporate Affairs and GN Legal. They have since been re-located to the former Gold Coast compound close to the Coconut Grove Regency.

Others like Amansan Television (ATV) and Business Television Africa (BTA) have joined First Digital Television at Asylum Down.